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Waste-to-Energy Systems

Gasifier Combustor Plant
Gasifier Combustor Plant
Gasifier Combustor Plant

Agro Energy Solutions provides construction or retrofitting of waste-to-energy plants.   These plants convert various sources of waste, that would normally be taking space in landfills, into energy.  We have plans to include a 20 MegaWatt wood gasification plant on our property in Rhode Island.  Leverage our years of experience to manage your gasifier requirements.

Incorporating Patented Gasifier Technology:

  • Turns waste products into useful heat

  • Uses up waste, reducing the need to dump and stockpile

  • Eliminates the production of smoke and other atmospheric pollutants produced by the burning of fossil fuels

  • Utilizes renewable fuel sources

  • Produces clean emissions


Our goal is to develop environmentally sound and cost effective energy plants with the following considerations:

  • Utilize waste material for fuel that provides a positive cash flow.
  • Minimize disposal fees and transportation.
  • Provide the entire transaction to be an operating expense and not a capital expenditure.
  • Update the controls & environmental systems.
  • Replace old, obsolete and inefficient systems with new, cost-effective components.
  • Integrate all on-site equipment as part of the new systems, therefore absorbing operating and maintenance expense.
  • Computerize and remotely monitor the entire production interface control, management and environmental feedback system.
  • Allow host plant personnel levels to be reduced to allocated to duties of their primary business.
  • Decrease environmental impacts.
  • Create local jobs, ratable earnings and assets.
  • Take the responsibility for all of these concerns away from the executives in charge.
  • Enhance the public relations position of the company.
  • Allow the host to either increase its income without increasing sales or lower its cost-per-unit price and become more competitive in their marketplace.