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Bio - Owner Lou Vinagro

Louis L. Vinagro, Jr. - The "Dean of Demo"

Louis L. Vinagro, Jr was born on a cow farm in 1951.  He spent his early days living on a pig farm!

In 1971, Lou partnered with this brother Joseph to create Vinagro Brothers Disposal Company, which evolved to become the leading trash container service in Rhode Island.  Lou and Joe split the business four years later, at which time Lou managed Vinagro Farms (pig farm).   Lou also began exploring his interests in recycling, which was a very new concept at the time.   This resulted in the birth of American Reclamation Systems.

Lou's vision was that recycling was the new way of the future, despite critics in the waste industry at that time.  American Reclamation Systems started baling operations of paper and cardboard, and the endeavor quickly expanded to be the leader in the recycling and waste-to-energy industry within Rhode Island.  A demand for source fuels from out-of-state waste-to-energy plants soared.  Per Lou, "the trailer trucks looked like a train all day long, one after the other".

Lou's notoriety within the industry soared, and he was invited to provide speeches at various conventions..  Huge companies including Disney and and Ted Turner involved  Lou for assistance with their waste-to-energy projects!

Today, Lou continues to be a leader in the green energy movement with the creation of Agro Energy Solutions.  Agro Energy Solutions manages waste-to-energy solutions and is expanding their pig composting facility and other land to include solar and wind facilities, as well as aquaculture operations.